5G-ENCODE Partners with Accedian for Industrial 5G Use Cases

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5G-ENCODE, a pioneering project that aims to make the benefits of 5G a reality for UK manufacturers, this week announced new project partner Accedian, a leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions. 

Accedian brings performance monitoring and assurance to the project’s network to help demonstrate the power of industrial 5G use cases ranging from digital transformation to improving sustainability.

Accedian will deploy its solution, Skylight, a performance monitoring and test generation virtual platform, at the National Composites Centre (NCC). It will enable granular and accurate real-time visibility, anomaly detection, and analytics on the performance of 5G-ENCODE’s private 5G network.

With 5G holding the key to unlocking digital transformation for manufacturers, both in the UK and around the world, Accedian’s monitoring capabilities will support the project’s goal to accelerate the realisation of several business use cases. 

One of the advantages of 5G technology for industrial settings is the potential it holds to help improve efficiency. Partnering with Accedian will enable the 5G-ENCODE team to test the accuracy of partner Zeetta Networks’ patented network slicing and splicing in real time. Accedian measures everything critical to the success of delivering each and every element of the service chain. By using Zeetta Networks’ technology, in conjunction with accurate real-time performance data provided by Accedian, operators can set up automatic network orchestration, whereby leftover network capacity is redirected, making the factory more efficient and productive.

As the partnership progresses, benefits for additional 5G-ENCODE partners including Telefonica, Siemens and others will also be explored. 

Vassilis Seferidis, Co-founder and CEO at Zeetta Networks. a leading partner at 5G-ENCODE
One of the most innovative and useful benefits associated with a private 5G network is that it can host slicing and splicing technology. Partnering with Accedian enables us to gain greater insight into the accuracy of this functionality, to help manufacturers redirect network capacity to where it’s needed on the factory floor. 

Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy Officer at Accedian
Our collaboration with the 5G-ENCODE project, takes us one step closer to proving the capabilities of a network that will deliver quantifiable business value with visibility and assurance for critical applications and the end user experience. 

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