8 Different Office Layout Ideas For Your Space

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A space that has the perfect aesthetic, style, and has features that are essential to a working environment will definitely boost employee morale and help improve productivity. Having it well-designed and well thought out will do wonders for your work environment. Not only is it very beneficial to your existing staff but can also attract new ones.  

Purchasing new furniture and re-doing your whole office’s interior is a great investment especially if it’s for the purpose of enhancing your employees’ ergonomic comfort.  The newly added schemes or designs should suit the needs of your employees. An effective working space should have a place for teams to collaborate, quiet areas, rooms for leisure and relaxation, and good storage. 

It is important to create a good impression for new and old employees for them to be motivated in their field of work. It should feel like home since they will probably be spending most of their time at work and provide the utmost comfort to increase work efficiency. Here are different types of office layout ideas: 

Cubicle Office  

This is by far the most common out of all office designs out there. It is a type of layout in which workspaces are designed with partition walls to create a cube-type space. A standard cubicle size typically ranges around 6’x6′, 6’x8′, or 8’x8′. It is a type of commercial office design that is usually filled with equipment such as electronics like computers, file cabinets, and other office materials.  

Half Partition  

This one is kind of similar to a cube type of office. They only differ on how the walls look, their walls are divided in two and one is left to separate the area. It’s a combination of private space and an open-office layout.   

Although employees can still communicate freely, they will still have a sense of privacy. The partitions used are either timber wood, glass, or aluminum.   

Team-based Office 

This is perfect for organizations or corporations that require projects in a cluster of teams. It can create a good environment for communication to brainstorm an abundance of ideas. For a team to properly collaborate, they need a space that is efficient for team-based work.   

With this, it can create an atmosphere with a flexible work structure and has organized roles. Most flexible work spaces also work for team-based offices. It is not a fixed layout therefore, particular objectives can be rearranged depending on the working pattern. This can help maximize the whole place because the employees will definitely be amplifying the place according to their current tasks. 

Hybrid Office 

One of the newest layouts for offices is a hybrid design. It is a mix of all the needed elements and components in an office. The layout will be based on the needs of your company.  

It should have a blend of collective and esoteric spaces that will push the employees to make the most out of their day. This type of design can increase the percentage of a better work-life balance.  

Co-working Office 

It is a varied workspace that lets people move around and still have the opportunity to do clustered activities. This type of arrangement is actually perfect for small businesses. It can be a flexible space while having the benefit of interacting with co-employees and provide a much more energetic environment.  

Open Office 

The purpose of having this kind of layout is to have more space and prevent the employees from being cramped up in one space. With this, it can help boost employee conduct and ease the flow of tasks.  

Usually, an open office concept consists of workstations, desk space, and other materials necessary for fostering better communication, healthy culture, and earning trust within the employees. 

Biophilic Design 

Imagine bringing nature into the workplace and having a space where you can feel the vibe and breeze of the outside world. This architecture has gained prominent popularity because some study shows that it can decrease the stress levels of staff. 

Adding natural light and plant life can induce oxygen levels which are proven to enhance concentration and decrease the chances of mental fatigue. Introducing the rudiments of nature into the workplace will provide better air quality and help achieve a greater sense of mental wellness  

Industrial Office 

This trend is also applied to different architectural structures such as houses, cafes, studios, and more. It is famous for its top-of-the-line natural detailing and a relaxing atmosphere. It incorporates a mix of wood and metal creating a utilitarian space.   


No matter what type of office space you are trying to build, the most important thing is that your employees will be able to enjoy a safe, comfortable and functional area where they can be productive and get things done with much more ease.  

There’s more to office layouts than just throwing a bunch of chairs and tables and calling it a day, you should create a versatile environment that you’re sure your employees will completely adapt well to and have the best work experience.  


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