A Beginners’ Guide To Work Life Balance

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The idea of “working smart” and “work hard” is sometimes misunderstood in particular to new to the working environment. Wanting to work with extra effort is not wrong and will never be. It is a good habit that drives good performance. But, if it is to the extent of losing your time and space, that is wrong! You should always maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Newbies out there, don’t be afraid of the unknown because you will know it all today! There are a lot of tips you can find on the internet. But most of them are for long-term workers and professionals. How about the beginners that are crawling in the dark, lost in the wilderness. This complete beginners’ guide in maintaining work-life balance will be your light. 

Follow The Light Towards The Right

  • Observe your working hours. Try to finish your workload on time and prevent yourself from doing overtime.
  • As much as possible, do not bring your work to your home. If you are under work-from-home condition, do it only in a specific working area or office.
  • Set your priorities straight as it gives you a clear vision of what you want to spend most of your time on.
  • Give time for break times. The lunch and short break times are essential. It is time to freshen up.
  • Notice the small changes in your body. Even if it is only a headache, do not set it aside. You should drink medicine, and if it doesn’t subside for quite a long time, ask for medical help.
  • Manage your stress during and after working. Through spending time with family or doing your hobbies, it will reduce your stress. 

A co-beginner tip: Be proud of your working performance. One of the factors that make someone overwork is the lack of confidence. Try to be more proud regardless of the result, and try to embrace the mistakes but work harder on them without compromising your personal life. Lead a happy life by maintaining a work-life balance.

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