Activists say again, Britain hasn’t left EU, new March date unveiled

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Activists say again, Britain hasn’t left EU, new March date unveiled

Re-entry activists plan to rejoin the European Union in March to coincide with Europe Day next year, with one insisting that Britain not leave the European Union.

Britain voted to leave I On June 23, 2016, however, Adam Ball, 56, of Swindon, refuses to accept the result and is determined to overturn it.

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He told the London Economic website that the march, planned for May 9 and marked by Brussels as a day for Europe, would send a message to Brexit supporters trying to focus on life outside the European Union.

According to Mr Paul, “It is a simple statement, we have not gone away and we will not go away and it is an opportunity for all of us to come together after the pandemic and celebrate Europe Day.

“It’s important to say to the current government and the rest of the Leave campaign, Dominic Cummings and Nigel Farage: ‘You didn’t win anything, it’s not over, not by a huge margin.

“We don’t think what you did is right, we won’t get past it and we will stay here until we get back to the EU.”

Ball said the planned march is open to anyone interested in seeing Britain join the European Union.

He added, “I am open to anyone and that includes people who have changed their minds and people who are really open to the whole issue. I think one of the main problems is that people are divided into two polarized groups that are not open to dialogue.

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“Come and let the world know that the rejoining movement is here, the pro-EU movement is here and come and meet your fellow Europeans. Hope it is a positive and fun day with the family.”

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