Audi Will Show Three Electric Concepts at the 2021 IAA Mobility in Munich

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The Frankfurt Motor Show is no more. It will be replaced in 2021 with the IAA Mobility, in Munich, from September 7 up to September 12. It is possible that it becomes the Munich Motor Show one day, but we’re not there yet. Audi will show there three electric concept cars: Sky Sphere, Grand Sphere, and Urban Sphere. According to L’Argus, all three are part of the Artemis project. Although that is quite likely, we cannot state the same with so much certainty.

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Audi Grand SphereAudi Sky SphereAudi Urban SphereMarc Lichte and Henrik WendersMarc Lichte and Henrik Wenders with Concept Cars
Audi said the Artemis project would have a record development time. It would be dedicated to electric cars, the first of which would be put for sale in 2024. That was pretty much all that Audi said about the idea, but then came Volkswagen with the Project Trinity, which is very likely Volkswagen’s name for the same thing.

That project is called Trinity because it focuses on autonomous tech, a new dedicated EV architecture called SSP (Scalable Systems Platform), and a radical new production approach. The vehicle would also be flat for having a low drag coefficient. Some of these elements are definitely in the Audi concepts.

The first one is the flat silhouette. The Sky Sphere concept is incredibly low, as we can see in the picture with Marc Lichte, Audi’s chief designer, and Henrik Wenders, the company’s senior vice president. Not by coincidence, Wenders presented the Sky Sphere as a sports car with autonomous capabilities in his LinkedIn video. Check it below.

The Grand Sphere is a sedan, and the Urban Sphere looks like a massive SUV. All three could have SSP underpinnings, but we are not sure this platform is ready yet. As fast as the Artemis project plans to be, its first vehicle will only be presented in 2024. That makes having the SSP ready now sound a little too early.

Perhaps the guys at L’Argus know something that we don’t. If they do, they have not shared anything apart from the discovery of Wenders’ video on LinkedIn. Until September, we’ll undoubtedly hear more about these concepts and their relationship with the Artemis project.

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