Drivers of Change 2021: meet the judges

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CitNOW is at the forefront of digital innovation. By revolutionising the retail experience, we have been a huge support in the modernisation of dealerships, assistance that was particularly crucial during the recent Covid-19 lockdowns.

What I want to see from this year’s Drivers of Change applicants is the consideration of how we can take this service to the next level. Within automotive, developments across technology, digital and retail are happening at a rapid pace.

We are seeking individuals with a passion for change and innovative ideas that will enhance the consumer experience, modernise vehicles and excel commercially.

Top tip for presenting

Be prepared and be passionate. Know your presentation, know your audience and be prepared for questions. Then show your passion when delivering your presentation to connect with us and bring your idea to life. It’ll be the excitement and connection with us, the judges, that will help you stand out from the rest.

Alison Fisher, HR Director – Cox Automotive International

I’m looking for people who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and push boundaries. I want to see people who solve problems that I didn’t even know needed solving and then create new, exciting solutions. The entries need to clearly communicate what problem they are trying to solve, why it needs solving and most importantly how and why their idea will solve it. Finally, people need to ensure they have considered the commercial viability and benefits of their solution too.


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