Final bill after bereavement

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Hi all.

I received a final bill for my late Mother’s Talk Talk account on the 19/06/21 of £36.15.

It included faster fibre reversal charges and a early termination fee of £1.34, which I found disgusting due to the reason for the closure of the account.

I queried this with the customer service team, who told me that Talk Talk do not charge early termination fees due to the closure of an account as a result of a bereavement.

I explained that there was such a charge on the bill, along with fibre reversal charges, and I was again told that Talk Talk do not charge in this circumstance, and that the letter was automated, and that I would receive another letter.

The customer service advisor could not explain clearly to me why the charge had occurred or what the faster fibre reversal charges were.

The letter also states that the payment due date was the 30/06/21 – I advised the customer service advisor that this was not possible as my late Mother’s estate is subject to Probate being approved.

I have never received another letter.

I also complained about the standard letter issue, with no offer of condolence.

How can Talk Talk get such a sensitive issue wrong at such a very difficult time?

Any help appreciated to resolve this matter.

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