Fizz Creations Unveils Where’s Wally? Collab

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Brighton-based Fizz Creations has announced a brand-new collection with Where’s Wally? launching this summer.

The collection includes:

– Where’s Wally? Hide & Seek, a toy that features an array of spoken phrases that play on a timer, giving users time to hide him and see how quickly an opponent can find him. Wally will call out to the searcher;

– Where’s Wally? Character Hunt, players take turns to hide the five characters around the house and see who can find them all and check them off the included list. It has four game plays: Head-to-Head, Time Trial, Spot from a Distance and Spin the Wally Wheel; and

– Where’s Wally? Mystery Puzzle, not one, but two. Where’s Wally? Puzzles in a double-sided format. When the “mystery” side is finished, put on the Wally or Wood mask to reveal the objects hidden within.

The range is completed by a series of day-to-day gifting products, including a 500ml double-walled metal water bottle, a heat-changing mug and a three-piece dinner set. The collection is available in late summer.

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