iD Scent creates eco-friendly and long-lasting perfume sampling solutions

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The fragrance discovery specialist is innovating with two eco-responsible and versatile solutions for high-end perfume sampling. Scentdow and Scentpad offer the possibility to create an ever more sensual and sustainable customer experience and to open up new communication possibilities for consumers. brands.

In the wake of the launch of Scentouch in 2019, both solutions have been designed for brands that want to combine fragrance discovery and eco-responsibility. Entirely made of certified paper (therefore recyclable), both solutions offer wide creative possibilities, thanks to their large printing surfaces, which also allow the possibility of carrying out all the finishing touches usually made on packaging (hot stamping, embossing, special cutting, etc.).

Scentdow: A versatile card with no secondary pack

The Scentdow sample looks like a card with a window to open. Once opened, thanks to a pre-cut tab, this window reveals the fragrance impregnated on the paper underneath. “It opens like an advent calendar or an animated children’s books. It is a source of surprise and pleasure…,” said Maxime Caffon, CEO of iD Scent.

In addition, the Scentdow scent card is designed to last over time with the fragrance lasting over several months. The card can also be optimized to simultaneously present two fragrances on its different faces: women’s and men’s, classic and special edition …

Scentpad: Inspired by make-up application gestures

Highly focused on sensuality, Scentpad is inspired by make-up application gestures, and more specifically cushion compacts. The “pad,” or perfumed cushion, is placed inside a printed leaflet. It can be detached and used as an applicator to deposit the fragrance on the skin. Entirely made of paper, the “pad” is therefore renewable and fully recyclable. It allows for around 100 fragrance applications.

In line with iD Scent’s eco-responsible commitments, as well as those of perfume houses that support eco-designed and recyclable solutions, Scentpad gives a green boost to sampling solutions,” added Maxime Caffon.

Housed in a four-sided booklet, Scentpad offers a large space for the brand’s messaging. Once removed from its location (where it can be repositioned), the pad reveals a QR code, that is therefore visible only upon its removal, as not to disrupt the overall aesthetic of the item. Brands are free to let their strategy and imagination speak to exploit the full potential of this feature.

Partnership with Takasago

For these launches, iDScent renewed its collaboration with fragrance house Takasago, which had already developed the olfactory signature of Scentouch.

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