IPT-HD high-voltage connector provides shielding for alternative energy vehicles

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With the global drive to protect the environment and conserve energy, alternatives to fossil fuel are spearheading the demand for advanced, alternative energy vehicles. After years of development, manufacturers are continually looking for ways to ensure the quality and safety of hybrid and electric vehicles—especially for vibration and shielding performance. To meet this demand, TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced the new IPT-HD power bolt high-voltage connector.

Complying with ISO & LV standards, TE’s IPT-HD power bolt high-voltage connector offers a new shielding design, providing low-contact resistance and thicker options for conductor cross-sections used in MCU, E-axle, E-motor applications for renewable energy vehicles operating in harsh environments. Even after the vibration with 1-,2- and 3- position, the connector can be used in environments exposed to extreme temperatures (-40 to +125 degrees Celsius) and excessively high engine-level vibrations.

With an ever-increasing demand for flexible assembly options for a wide range of diverse applications, the IPT-HD power bolt series comes in 50 mm² and 70 mm² conductor cross-sections, with a 95 mm² option available soon. In addition to the traditional integral wiring harness assembly and an easy machining process for mounting holes, the IPT-HD power bolt connector series provides a separate, single wiring harness for increased assembly flexibility.

The IPT-HD power bolt high-voltage connector is widely used for a range of applications in demanding, high-current, high-vibration environments such as bus, truck, agricultural, construction, and passenger vehicles.

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