IRENA FlexTool Training for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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IRENA developed the IRENA FlexTool during 2018 and launched the first version in November 2018. After 2 years of using the tool and implementing some enhancements, IRENA launched in April 2020 a new version of the tool, the FlexTool 2.0. This new version comes as well with a set of training materials that will help users to get started with the tool and will serve IRENA as a starting point to provide trainings on the tool.

On the side of the Virtual Regional Meeting on the Role of Power Systems and Markets for Achieving the Low-Carbon Transition organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), IRENA together with the IAEA are organizing an IRENA FlexTool training for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, regions in which IRENA engagement has also been prominent in the last few years (see Renewable Energy Prospects for Central and South-Eastern Europe Energy Connectivity – CESEC). During this training relevant IRENA stakeholders and participants from the IAEA regional meeting will be able to learn about the methodology under the IRENA FlexTool and incorporate it to their toolbox for their future planning exercises.

The IRENA FlexTool training for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, will serve to provide a basic training on the IRENA FlexTool in the context of the ongoing initiatives in this region. At the end of this training participants should be able to run customs simulations with the tool and model different flexibility options in their national power systems.

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Closed event (by invitation only).

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