‘It’s garlic time!’ Monty Don on how to plant garlic for next spring’s consumption – ‘delicate taste’

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‘It’s garlic time!’ Monty Don on how to plant garlic for next spring’s consumption – ‘delicate taste’

GARDENING can be difficult at this time of year due to the cold and wet weather, but there are still some seeds you can plant now to watch grow before spring next year.

According to Monty Don, one of these seeds is garlic.

Monty Don is a British horticulturist and television gardener who is best known for hosting the show Gardeners’ World.

On his social media platforms and the Gardeners’ World website, the broadcaster frequently shares gardening tips and tricks with viewers.

In one video, the gardening expert demonstrated how to plant garlic for plant enthusiasts.

Garlic is a useful edible to plant now for use in the spring.

“It’s garlic time,” Monty declared.

“Garlic isn’t ready to harvest until next summer, but it should be planted in the fall or very early winter.”

“The reason for this is that garlic requires a period of cold in order to form a large bulb that can be divided into cloves.”

Monty explained that he grows three types of garlic: elephant garlic, softneck garlic, and hardneck garlic.

Last year, the horticulturist grew elephant garlic and was pleased with the results, so he plans to do so again this year.

“The beauty of elephant garlic is that, despite the size of the cloves, they are very mild,” he continued.

“It has a delicate flavor to it.”

“It’s not a garlic at all; it’s a member of the leek family.”

Monty also showed viewers a softneck variety and a hardneck variety of garlic.

“You can’t tell much difference, but softneck is harvested a little later, lasts longer in the ground, and lasts longer in storage,” he explained.

“As a result, cooking is a lot easier.”

“However, many cooks swear by the taste of hardneck varieties like sprint.

“It needs to be harvested sooner because it has a tendency to go to seed and form a flower, and it doesn’t store well.”

“The bigger and fatter the clove, the better the resulting bulb will be,” Monty said, after breaking all the bulbs’ cloves into a bowl.

“You don’t treat them like an onion set,” a gardening expert warned.

“When the onion sets, all you have to do is bury it in the soil.”

“You plant these like a daffodil bulb and bury them so that the sharp end –.”

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