Judges ruling California’s gigworker law unconstitutional

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Driver’s lawyer Scott Cronland praised Roche’s decision. “Our position is that he is exactly right and his decision will be upheld in the appeal,” said Kronland.

However, the gig economy company claimed that the judge “ignored a century-long case law that required courts to protect the rights of voters’ initiatives,” said a spokesman for the Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Coalition. Geoff Vetter said. A group that represents a gig platform.

This decision is unlikely to have an immediate impact on the new law and is certain to face complaints from Uber and other so-called gig economy companies.

A Uber spokesperson said the ruling ignored the majority of California voters who upheld the law. “We have appealed and hope to win,” said spokesman Noah Edwardsen. “In the meantime, Proposal 22 remains valid, including all the protection and benefits it provides to independent workers throughout the state.”

Uber and other gig economy companies have enacted similar legislation in Massachusetts. This month, a coalition of companies submitted a ballot proposal that would allow state voters to decide next year whether gig workers should be considered independent contractors.

Judges ruling California’s gigworker law unconstitutional

Source link Judges ruling California’s gigworker law unconstitutional

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