Lim Young Woong Almost Displaces BTS from Top Position, Beats Aespa, Brave Girls

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Lim Young Woong has once again failed to displace BTS from numero uno position in the singer brand reputation rankings. The Mister Trot lost first place to the septet by a margin of 1,313,405.

Lim Young Woong fails to beat BTS.

The BTS has retained the spot with a brand index reputation of 12,939,675. It has secured
a participation index of 3,407,384, a media index of 3,118,540, a community index of 3,013,241 and communication index of 3,400,510.

Lim Young Woong’s Points
Whereas Lim Young Woong has scored a participation index of 3,852,479, a media index of 2,562,656, a community index of 2,610,554, and a communication index of 2,600,580 to take its total brand index reputation to 11,626,270.

Aespa has landed in third place with a brand index reputation of 7,875,755. The four-member group’s participation index stands at 2,102,036, media index at 1,684,005, community index at 2,086,942 and communication index of 2,002,772. Last month, the girl group was not in the top 10 rankings.

Brave Girls, which was at the third position in May, has slipped to fourth place with a brand index reputation of 6,279,514. It has scored a participation index of 1,226,336, a media index of 1,011,717, a community index of 2,008,076 and communication index of 2,033,386.

Five to Tenth Positions
From sixth place in May, Lee Chan Won has risen to fifth place in June. It has secured a brand reputation index of 6,210,965, a participation index of 1,965,336, a media index of 1,470,626
a community index of 1,595,489 and a communication index of 1,179,514.

IU and Young Tak are in the next two places with brand index reputation of 4,809,243 and 4,381,038. Last month, they occupied sixth and 10th positions, respectively.

Blackpink, TWICE and Naul are in the next three positions in the singer brand reputation rankings.

The Korean Business Research Institute comes up with a comprehensive report on brand reputation based on media coverage, consumer participation, interaction, and community indexes of the popular Korean stars using big data.

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