Retailers must deliver more personalised customer service

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Personalisation is key, but so is trust 

76% of shoppers expected a personalised customer experience, with 46% saying it was frustrating when they had to repeat a request.

35% expected customer service agents to have immediate background knowledge on their query, and 23% wanted the ability to move between channels without disruption. 

However, 55% were not comfortable granting brands and retailer’s permission to collect their data. 

“The pandemic saw almost everything in-store move online and as such, customer behaviours and expectations around the retail experience and customer service changed,” says Jonathan Allan, Chief Marketing Officer at Puzzel.

“Despite largely positive experiences during the pandemic, our research reveals a clear requirement for retailers to deliver more personalised customer service, across a broad range of channels, in-store and online.”

“There’s also a clear appetite for more human experiences, demonstrating the potential value in re-creating that in-store experience across digital platforms.”

He concludes: “The future of retail is hybrid, and the brands that can provide these smarter, connected experiences, will thrive post-pandemic and beyond.” 

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