TESTED: 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge Electric SUV Beats EPA Range by 32 Miles | Edmunds

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How does that compare within the EV world? Let’s look at the Tesla Model Y Long Range, which is comparably priced but slightly larger than the XC40 Recharge. In our test of a 2021 Model Y Long Range, we measured a consumption rate of 26.2 kWh/100 mi. So that same 240 miles in the Model Y would have cost $6.29 in Utah and $20.75 in Hawaii. You’d save a few bucks with the Model Y, especially where electricity prices are higher, but not really enough to really impact your bottom line.

How about a gasoline-powered rival? Running a 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLA 45 for 240 miles on premium fuel would have set us back $42.68 in Hawaii ($4.09 per gallon) and $40.28 in Utah ($3.86 per gallon) at current prices, assuming we got the GLA 45’s EPA-estimated 23 mpg combined. Based on these numbers, if you average 10,000 miles a year, driving a 2021 XC40 Recharge could save you an estimated $610 per year in Hawaii and a whopping $1,324 per year in Utah. And for the record, the XC40 Recharge and GLA 45 are comparably quick when it comes to straight-line acceleration.

For more information on how we test EV range and how each vehicle performed, we invite you to visit our Real World vs. EPA testing page, which includes both our EV range leaderboard and a table with detailed test results. Our EV range leaderboard is embeddable and will automatically update every time we add a new vehicle.

Edmunds says

While the 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge has one of the shortest ranges among luxury EVs by official EPA range estimates, our real-world testing has shown that it can outperform those targets if driven conservatively (which means not drag-racing AMG GLA 45s). Its 240-mile result still isn’t impressive by current standards, but it may be sufficient for many EV shoppers. For our latest comprehensive ratings of all electric vehicles, head over to Edmunds’ EV rankings page.

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