The Launch of Veransa Group, Inc Will Perfect Urban Wood and Yard Waste Management and Recycling in Florida

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Veransa Group, Inc, a newly-formed company that specializes in transforming urban wood and yard waste into valuable commodities on an industrial-scale, announced its launch.  The company operates in the Tampa Bay region of Florida. Veransa’s formation includes the simultaneous acquisition of two companies: Consolidated Resource Recovery (“CRR”), the largest yard waste collections and recycling network in Florida, and Florida Organic Solutions (“FOS”), a leading Florida-based organic compost manufacturer.  Veransa vertically integrates green waste collection centers with commodities manufacturing facilities to achieve highest-value use, waste-to-organic commodities production.  The Company aggregates green waste and transforms it into useful products on an industrial scale, including soil-regenerating, OMRI Listed®, organic compost and blended soils, that are free of biosolids and manure.   The company distributes its organic compost and soil products to customers throughout Florida. It also processes wood waste into the feedstock for decorative mulch and renewable energy.

Current management of CRR and FOS will remain in place and continue to serve their customers and communities consistent with their long successful histories.  Veransa will support these companies with incremental capital and strategic partnerships, while developing and acquiring additional collection centers and organic compost manufacturing facilities throughout Florida to expand the Company’s geographic footprint and product offerings.  Doug Halward will remain President of CRR as well as becoming a shareholder and Board Member of the Veransa Group. “Vertical integration allows us to control the raw material stream from end-to-end and sustainably and consistently produce highest-quality, standardized, products on an industrial scale to fulfill orders of any size,” said Marc Owensby, CEO of Veransa Group Inc.

The company will establish a global brand associated with reliable manufacture of high-quality organic compost and blended soils with a model that it initially plans to replicate throughout Florida. Veransa will invest in electric, high-volume processing systems to ensure consistent manufacture of high-quality products, and increased reliability of operations, with a reduced carbon-footprint. “Veransa is a win-win for Florida’s farmers, its environment, and its economy. Our model transforms green and wood waste into products that have many added environmental benefits”, added Roger Johansson, Exec. Chairman of the company. “Our organic compost helps to regenerate Florida’s sandy agricultural soil and keep Florida’s waterways free from fertilizer runoff by increasing soil water-retention capacity and reducing dependence on chemical fertilizers.”

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