Top reasons why you should buy genuine ink for your printer

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Top reasons why you should buy genuine ink for your printer – epson

Here are the top reasons why you should buy genuine ink for your printer

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s essential to have the right devices you can rely on every day in your home office or small business to have a consistent workflow and stress-free life.

From daily homeschool schedule, recipes, and DIY photo projects, to labels, brochures, and documents on the go, these are just some of the things you want in a jiffy. When your printer runs out of ink, you should opt for something that will not only deliver these needs quickly but will also give you quality results and help you save time and money.

Global technology leader, Epson, believes that making informed choices is important when it comes to buying the best option for your printing needs. That’s why it’s essential to understand the benefits of choosing genuine ink produced by your printer manufacturer, in place of compatible ink by a third-party company, to secure yourself against potential printing pitfalls.

You’ll get premium results

Whether you’re printing out important business documents or a school project, the last things you want to see are smudges, blurs, streaks, or any type of poor detail on the paper. While compatible or remanufactured ink can be used in most printers, they do not offer the same quality of print and are more likely to leave your printer exposed to malfunctions. Genuine inks ensure you receive clean, sharp, and exceptional documents.

It’s cost-effective

Low upfront costs of remanufactured compatible inks can be appealing and significantly cheaper. But when you end up with a faulty product, it will be very disappointing and costly in the long run. Buying genuine ink already eliminates the risk of spending more money than necessary and the frustrations of getting poor results when it matters most.

It’s hassle-free and reliable

Whether you’re a fast-paced corporate highflyer, running a home office or simply juggling busy family life; nobody has time to waste cleaning up leaky ink bottles. Genuine inks are tested and approved by manufacturers to make the user experience as seamless and easy as possible; and lower the risk of undesired complications.

It’s supported by the manufacturer

Manufacturers invest in extensive research, high-tech facilities, and put printers and inks through rigorous safety and quality tests to ensure they perform reliably and work in harmony. By using one brand exclusively, you are protecting your warranty in the event of printer or ink defect and making the best long-term investment in your productivity.

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