What’s in a Name? Tell Me Your Story

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I have always been intrigued by the thought behind company and brand names. My real estate company, Beam & Branch Realty has a story behind the name and I bet yours does as well. My story is very personal and meaningful.

Beam & Branch Realty was born due to my desire to create a brand that reflects my style and belief system. The “Beam” refers to the strength of support we find in homes and buildings. Our company provides support to our clients as we assist them through the navigation of a real estate transaction.

The “Branch” reflects the aspect of working together as a team with one another and with our clients. The branch of any plant provides the ability for growth. When we are open to personal growth, professional growth, and spiritual growth, we can then reach our goals and dreams.

It was important for me to have a logo that was clean and beautiful. This logo reflects my style in marketing. My agents and I are very proud of our logo and what we represent.

So share with me your story regarding your company name and brand. Tell us the story of how your brand was born. I’m sure you have some great nuggets of wisdom to share.

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