YouTube Music Adds New Feature Called ‘Replay Mix’ Designed for Your Most Played Songs

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YouTube Music debuts another feature as the platform is now focusing more on its algorithmic auto-playlists.

The new feature called Replay Mix is now appearing for a lot of YouTube Music users that includes their most commonly played songs from the past weeks.

The Replay Mix feature is an upgraded version of YouTube Music’s original feature called Your Mix, a playlist that uploads your daily mixes.

YouTube Music Replay Mix Feature

The playlist appears ahead of My Supermix under the “Mixed for you” section of the platform. It features the standard record-inspired cover art in tones of green, blue, and orange.

Just like the My Supermix feature, the Replay Mix can accommodate up to 100 songs, and it allows for an endless autoplay after you reached the end of your playlist, according to Android Police.

Opening the playlist will show a description that says “A mix of songs you’ve been listening to mist in the last few weeks.”

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YouTube Music’s new Replay Mix can be compared to Spotify’s On Repeat playlist that has the same highlights tracks that users might have been listening to recently.

Numerous users have spotted the feature on Reddit over the past 24 hours, suggesting a wide rollout to Music users in numerous countries.

One thing to note with YouTube Music’s Replay Mix is that there can be some crossover between the Supermix if you listen to the auto-generated playlist often.

The playlist should appear ahead of the popular My Supermix in the Mixed for you tab that will load when you open or when you reopen YouTube Music on desktop or mobile.

Although if you do not see the Replay Mix feature when you launch YouTube Music, a direct link posted by 9to5Google should take you to a playlist of your recent and most played songs over the past few weeks.

YouTube Music Upgrades

Aside from the playlists, YouTube Music also launched YouTube Shorts. It was introduced in Canada, the UK, and Latin America. The expansion is joined by a new audio sampling feature that allows users to add audio to their own YouTube Shorts from almost any creator on the platform.

YouTube Shorts is the platform’s answer to TikTok. The YouTube Shorts allow users to sample an audio snippet from another video as long as the original creator grants permission during the upload process.

On TikTok, this is a feature that helped turn videos become viral sensations and memes. YouTube wants the same type of audio swapping content to be a part of its feature too, according to Tech Crunch.

This expands upon the current ability to sample any audio within uploaded YouTube Shorts, as standard long-form video content is now covered, together with any copyright-free and licensed music found in the upload tool.

If you are a creator on the platform who has had your audio sampled and then used within a YouTube Short, a link will be added to your channel or video with a number indicating just how many of these short-form videos are utilizing said audio. This could help launch the careers of performers on the platform.

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