American Packaging Corp. Announces ‘Design for Recycle’ Package for Frozen Food

American Packaging Corporation (APC), a leader in flexible packaging solutions, announces the commercial launch of another RE™ Design for Recycle flexible packaging technology targeted at frozen food products such as frozen fruits and vegetables. This new technology joins a portfolio of packaging technologies in APC’s RE™ sustainable packaging portfolio, that also includes Design for Compost, Circular Content, and Renewable Content, as well as several Design for Recycle options.

APC partnered with produce processors to replace their current non-recyclable, multi-material laminate. The primary objective was to develop a recycle-ready package option that maintained production throughputs while resisting product puncturing due to the sharp edges of the packaged product. The package format included a pillow bag with a fin-seal produced on intermittent and continuous motion VFFS equipment at speeds up to 90 packages per minute. 

This result was an all-polyethylene (PE), Design for Recycle flexible package. The laminate was designed using an oriented print web, which offers increased heat resistance, dimensional stability, and clarity for graphics. The print web is reverse-printed and then adhesively laminated to a sealant film, offering good opacity and lower temperature sealability. The flexible packaging structure is compliant with the Association of Plastic Recycler’s (APR) guidelines for PE films and supported by a How2Recycle pre-qualification letter.

The packaging structure can be modified for more stringent applications requiring enhanced moisture and oxygen barrier properties. Brand owners can choose to include clear sealant if desired, allowing for a window for product visibility. The oriented print web can be printed either using flexographic or rotogravure printing and allows for patterned or full matte gloss over-lacquer. This package offers sufficient durability for handling rigid edges of frozen products and has been tested to ensure it is sufficiently durable to handle manufacturing, distribution, and handling.

“Every flexible packaging technology we add to APC’s RE™ portfolio of sustainable packaging and launch in a commercial application is another step towards a more sustainable future for everyone,” said Ray Graham, president of American Packaging Corporation.

Jeff Travis, manager of innovation and sustainability, added, “This application is another great example demonstrating APC’s goals to support our customers that are targeting the development of sustainable packaging solutions.”

APC’s award-winning RE™ portfolio of sustainable packaging technologies has proven commercial success, supporting multiple brands’ sustainability initiatives. For more information about American Packaging’s RE™ portfolio of sustainable packaging, which includes Design for Recycle, Design for Compostable, Circular Content, and Renewable Content packaging options, go to