[ASAP] Structure Simplification of Natural Products as a Lead Generation Approach in Agrochemical Discovery

by DailyBriefers
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Natural products (NPs) have a long history as sources of compounds for crop protection. Perhaps a more important role for NPs has been as models and inspiration for the discovery and development of synthetic crop protection compounds. NPs and their synthetic mimics account for 18% of all crop protection compounds, whereas another 38% of all crop protection compounds have a NP that could have served as a model. Because NPs are often complex molecules, have limited availability, or possess structural features that constrain their suitability for use in agricultural settings, a key element in NP-inspired compounds is the simplification of the NP structure to provide a synthetically accessible molecule that possesses the physicochemical properties needed for use in crop protection. Herein we review a series of examples of NP mimics that demonstrate the structural or synthetic simplification of NPs as a guide for the discovery of future NP-inspired agrochemicals focused on fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides.

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