Attention artisanal fishermen! Review the requirements to request credits of up to S/113,000 – 247 News Agency

If you carry out the activity of artisanal fishing and need financing to improve the development of your production, as well as strengthen the quality of the inputs that you extract or process, you have to know that the Ministry of Production (Produce), through the National Fund for Fisheries Development (Fondepes), offers loans with interest rates between 3% and 7%.

These loans can be used to finance the purchase of fishing and artisanal processing materials and equipment, as well as provide financial aid for the manufacture of auxiliary systems, repairs, and thermal insulation of the cellar and roof. Next, find out how much credit Fondepes grants and what the requirements are to request them.

Credits for fishermen of up to S/113,000: how much are they?

The National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes) does not provide cash. The level I credits for artisanal fishermen available to the entity reach up to 10 UIT (S/51,500) with an interest rate of 3%. If you need more financing, you can request level II credits, which range between 10 UIT and 22 UIT, equivalent to S/113,300, with an interest rate of 7%. For both, the payment term is 36 installments and has a grace period of up to four months.

What are the requirements to request an artisanal fishing credit?

Artisanal fishermen who wish to access Fondepes credits must meet these requirements:

  • Credit request
  • Proforma or quote of the good or service to be financed with your signature and fingerprint. This must have the data of the supplier company, the details of the service, as well as the commercial conditions (IGV, price included, quantity, guarantee, delivery time, among others).
  • Updated document that demonstrates your dedication to artisanal fishing.
  • Simple copy of water, electricity or landline service receipt (up to three months old). Said receipt may be in the name of the owner or the owner of the property where the real address was established. Likewise, it can be accredited with a document issued by the competent authority of the jurisdiction.
  • National identity document (DNI).
  • Have a joint guarantor (for loans of up to S/51,500.00) or real guarantee (for loans greater than that amount).
  • Not have a negative history in the risk centers or in Fondepes.

Fondepes: what are your communication channels?

Artisanal fishermen who wish to request a loan can make the respective inquiries through their institutional means of communication:

  • Write to the email: [email protected]
  • Call the telephone exchange (01) 209 7700, extension 7712 or cell phone 977 589 917.
  • Call the exclusive toll-free line 0800 14453.

What free virtual courses does Fondepes offer?

The National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes) has a wide offer of more than 80 free virtual courses that are aimed at artisanal fishermen and aquaculturists. These initiatives seek to strengthen the knowledge, skills and productive improvement of those who dedicate themselves to these activities.

In general, the courses include technical and productive options to promote the comprehensive development of fishermen. Likewise, Fondepes offers the course on ‘Good practices for handling and releasing sea turtles’ in the regions of Piura, Lima, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna. To date, 36 of these trainings have been given, which benefited 1,185 artisanal fishermen and crew members.

Regarding aquaculture courses, interested parties can make inquiries at (01) 209 7717 (annex 7769). Regarding Aquaculture Saturdays, registration is carried out through the form available on social networks and in THIS LINK.