Best vegan recipes for a reluctant wannabe mostly-vegan

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I am hoping to expand my vegan repertoire this summer, mainly for health reasons and because it’s better for the environment….but I am not at all excited by the majority of vegan cookbooks/recipes I’ve perused.

I have no trouble finding vegetarian recipes I love, but they usually contain cheese, eggs and/or butter (eg. Ottolenghi’s black pepper tofu – the butter is what knocks it out of the park).

I have no intention of becoming totally vegan but I would like to have 5-10 amazing vegan mains that I can add to the rotation, plus a few appetizers and/or desserts. What are your favourites?

ETA: I do have a few vegetarian curries / stir-fries up my sleeves and would be grateful for recommendations for more, but am hoping to branch out and am looking for summery recipes. Thanks!

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