Clipper’s Latest Packaging Brings Eric Carle Energy To ‘Nature’s Favorite Tea’

Clipper is the UK’s largest fairtrade tea brand, and in their latest campaign to promote a more ethical approach to the category, they turned to the agency Straightforward Design for a brand activation and some revamped packaging.

In addition to sustainable farming practices, the brand wants to promote biodiversity and get drinkers outside a little more.


The limited-edition packs marry the brand’s visual identity with scenes from nature and playful illustrations that call out to your inner Eric Carle fan. A red and black bird graces each box, with graphics corresponding to the ingredients. Also, you’ll find some adorable insects in the form of a lightning bug, a bee, and a ladybug.

The packaging also boats a contest for an eco-holiday as well as brand swag, like rain boots and water bottles featuring the endearing illustrations.