Dodge Muscles Its Way into the World of Electric Cars

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close up dimly lit shot of concept muscle car with the words "performance made us do it" on top

Dodge recently revealed that it will make an all-electric muscle car at its recent 2021 Dodge Electric Vehicle Summit. The announcement didn’t share any details about the upcoming vehicle other than the fact it’s slated for 2024.

At the event, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis declared that Dodge wouldn’t “sell electric cars—it will sell eMuscle.” The statement caused some confusion, as it came just moments before the company officially announced it would be making an electric muscle car.

The company also just shared the above video on its Twitter account. Rather than simply announcing that it was making an electric muscle car, with more details forthcoming, it made a whole thing out of “Why would Dodge even make an electric car?” After showing off several of its powerful non-electric vehicles, the video stops on a shot of a concept vehicle with the words “Performance Made Us Do It.”

“If a charger can make a Charger faster, then we’re all for it,” stated Kuniskis. He also touched on and acknowledged the limitations of gas-powered vehicles. “Our engineers are reaching a practical limit of what we can squeeze from internal combustion innovation. They know we know that electric motors can give us more. And if we know of a technology that can give our customers an advantage.”

We can’t wait to see Dodge’s all-electric muscle car. We’re sure Dodge will find a way to bring its iconic horsepower and all-American performance to the roads.

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