Experts infuse cotton fabric with nanodiamonds for optimal body cooling

Nanodiamonds chosen for their strong thermal conductivity properties.

Global warming is heating up the planet, and researchers from RMIT University may have just found a cool solution – nanodiamonds.

In a new study, they’ve utilized nanodiamonds to create smart textiles that can cool people down faster, offering a potential game-changer in the quest for sustainable and comfortable clothing.

As temperatures soar due to climate change, finding innovative ways to stay cool becomes crucial. One approach is enhancing personal apparel to help the human body cool down more efficiently. Enter nanodiamonds – tiny, inexpensive diamonds with exceptional thermal conductivity properties.

In a recent study, researchers coated cotton fabric with nanodiamonds using a technique called electrospinning. This method created a web of nanofibers on the fabric, resulting in a textile that cools the body more effectively than untreated cotton.