Get Up To Nearly $1,000 In Savings With BLUETTI’s Amazing Summer Super Sale

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Summer is a very exciting time for all but it does come with drawbacks, such as the searing heat and constant power outages.

A portable power station, however, can solve that problem and keep you cool and comfortable. As it stands, one of the best power solution brands around is offering its solar generators, panels and power stations at greatly discounted prices.

Take a look at BLUETTI’s products so you can have a summer to remember!

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The Portable Bestseller – BLUETTI EB70 Power Station

Get Up To Nearly $1,000 In Savings With BLUETTI’s Amazing Summer Super Sale

At first launch the portable yet hefty EB70 sold out quickly and in less than 2 weeks. Now, BLUETTI is bringing it back and slashing a hundred bucks, to boot.

The EB70 is the perfect companion for weekend warriors and those who want a handy and portable power solution they can use whenever the grid goes out. It has a max 700W continuous output rating and a long-lasting 716Wh LiFePO4 battery. On the port side you get two USB-C outlets rated at 100W and with PD3.0 technology for charging all your essential devices, including your MacBook, Ultrabook, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPad Pro and Android phone, among others.

Add the SP200 solar panel combo and you can save up to $210 and don’t have to worry about recharging as long as the sun is out. The EB70 unit is priced at just $499, down $100 from $599.

The Power Behemoth – BLUETTI AC200P Power Station

Get Up To Nearly $1,000 In Savings With BLUETTI’s Amazing Summer Super Sale

The AC200P by BLUETTI has become a legend in Kickstarter after garnering more than $6M in crowdfunding last year. It beats out every other power station in its class by a mile!

Today, you can get a truly versatile product that can power everything from a fridge to even a portable air conditioner if you feel like it. The AC200P boasts a 2,000Wh capacity and storing the energy in a safe and durable LiFePO4 battery. As for output, you’ll be spoiled by 6 20A AC outlets and a LED screen that shows you the station’s status and charge level. It can fit into the passenger seat or trunk and set up easily outdoors or as a backup power generator.

BLUETTI has priced its AC200P at its lowest at just $1,599. However, if you want the full package and get maximum savings you can get the bundle of an AC200P unit and three SP200 solar panels rated at 200W for just $2,699 instead of $3,646. That’s an amazing $947 off on a reliable power station you can depend on.

Sturdy, All in One Solar Generators – BLUETTI EB150 and EB240

Get Up To Nearly $1,000 In Savings With BLUETTI’s Amazing Summer Super Sale

Easy and portable are the best words to describe the EB240 and EB150. The only difference between the two is the battery capacity- with the 150 you get a 1,500Wh battery and the 240 gives you a 2,400Wh capacity.

The main draws of the power station are the 1,000 pure sine wave converter, the built-in MPPT controller with 500W solar input rating and the sturdy all-aluminum shell for indoor and outdoor use.

EB150 buyers get a $400 discount at just $899, while the EB240 can be had for $500 less (at $1,399). Add two solar panels and you pay only $1,649 ($748 discount) and $1,999 ($758 discount) for the EB150 and EB240, respectively.

The BLUETTI Summer Super Sale begins June 5, 2021. Click on the link to be notified when the sale goes live. Also, you get a chance to win various BLUETTI freebies via a giveaway contest.

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