How to donate to the Museum in Coral Island

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Coral Island is an exciting farming simulation game that takes players on a journey of repairing their home, managing a farm, and building relationships with townsfolk. One of the key locations in the game is the Museum, run by a character named Scott. Donating to the Museum not only helps fill it with different items but also contributes to increasing the town’s rank. Here’s how to donate to the Museum in Coral Island.

How to donate to the Museum in Coral Island

The Museum is available on the 3rd day of Spring of the first year. It is located on the left side of the Community Centre, which is on the right side of your farm. To begin the donation process, enter the Museum and find the Donation Box situated in the center of the building. Interact with the Donation Box to open your inventory and choose the items you wish to donate.

The Museum accepts a wide range of items, including artifacts, gems, insects, bugs, fish, and more. Donating these items not only helps unlock various rewards but also increases your town’s rank.

Remember, you cannot donate the same item more than once. Each item you donate will find its place on the Museum shelves, enhancing the overall charm of the Museum. If you happen to collect duplicate items, you can always sell them for coins or use them for other purposes in the game.

You can upgrade the Museum by donating 50 items as well. To accomplish this, simply explore the island, gather a variety of items, and regularly contribute them to the Museum. Engaging in mining, diving, and bug-catching activities will provide the best opportunities to acquire these items.

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