IDC PeerScape: Future IT Practices to Manage Efficient and Effective Cloud Operations

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This IDC PeerScape synthesizes the current learnings and wisdom of highly experienced CIOs, CTOs, and practitioners around the best practices they have introduced to manage and optimize cloud operations. The scope of the optimization goes beyond the technical hosting (IaaS) of the cloud itself and defines cloud optimization in terms of its ability to create a highly productive software development platform (PaaS) where real business value can be generated through competitive software solutions. Best practices will be elucidated in the following three areas:

  • Optimize cloud operations with a hybrid cloud management solution.
  • Enable workload agility with policies and standards.
  • Implement a cloud-based software factory to optimize new product development.

“This combined and optimized IaaS and PaaS can be viewed as an integrated software ‘factory,’ and the challenge is to optimize this factory around its speed, quality, and security, as well as its operational excellence,” says Bob Multhaup, adjunct research advisor, IDC’s IT Executive Programs (IEP).


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