Intelligent Business Execution: Making Sense of a Complicated Landscape

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This IDC Perspective introduces the concept of Intelligent Business Execution, the outcome that organizations are increasingly striving for as they accelerate adoption of business automation and intelligence technologies. It shows how different technologies (such as RPA, chatbots and virtual agents, workflow, intelligent document processing, and process mining) fit together in the context of a common map of how work gets done, as well as how vendors are investing to cover as much of this map as possible. This document provides advice to technology buyers about how they can use this map to explore Intelligent Business Execution use cases and frame relationships with vendors.

“As organizations start to explore the new wave of business automation and intelligence technologies from a strategic perspective, it is crucial for technology buyers to understand how different technologies, vendors and services providers relate to each other in terms of how they deliver value,” said Neil Ward-Dutton, VP Intelligent Business Execution Practice Europe, IDC.


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