Ira Township voters to decide on rezoning question

Ira Township voters on Feb. 27 will decide on a proposal regarding the rezoning of a vacant property in the community.

The proposal asks if Ordinance No. 131, which was adopted by the Ira Township Board of Trustees on Jan. 4, 2023, rezoning a vacant parcel on the west side of Meldrum Road near 26 Mile Road, Parcel No. 74-23-004-2007-000, from Agricultural Estates Conservation to Light Industrial, which is consistent with the township’s master plan as adopted in 2008, should be approved and take effect.

The Ira Township Board of Trustees unanimously adopted Resolution 23-11-08 to approve the ballot question for zoning ordinance map amendment at its Nov. 27 special meeting, according to the minutes. Trustee Thomas Eder was absent.