Jet It Becomes the First to Operate the eFlyer 800 Electric Jet in the U.S.

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It was only a few months ago that Bye Aerospace unveiled its latest concept, the 8-seat all-electric aircraft, eFlyer 800. Now, it’s taking a step further and announcing that the first customers have already signed a purchase agreement.

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Brace yourself – in the next few years, the innovative 8-seat electric aircraft known as eFlyer 800, will be coming both to the U.S. and Europe. North American flight operator Jet It and its European counterpart, JetClub, are the official launch customers for Bye Aerospace’s latest and largest aircraft. Jet It representatives believe that electric propulsion is, indeed, the future of air travel, and that sustainability must be one of the pillars of business travel.

Private travel is where all-electric, zero-emissions options can prove to be effective, affordable and sustainable.

And this is where the eFlyer 800 comes in. Announced as the first electric propulsion-based aircraft that is capable of twin-turboprop performance, with some of the lowest operating costs, estimated at one fifth of standard twin turboprops operating costs, this jet could be the answer for sustainable private travel in the years to come. Innovative aircraft of this type can usually be too expensive or not powerful enough, but this model seems to have it all.

With a cruise speed of up to 320 knots and a 500 nm range, the eFlyer 800 is a powerful and reliable electric jet, which has enough room for 2 pilots and 7 passengers and comes with safety features that include dual redundant motor windings and redundant battery packs (that can work in parallel, for more balance), as well as a full parachute. More than just powerful and cost-effective, this next-generation plane is also packed with high-tech, including an emergency auto-landing system.

Pending a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification, the new 8-seat electric jet will be operating in the U.S. and in Europe as soon as 2025. The Colorado-based company is also in the process of obtaining certification for the eFlyer 2 (designed for flight trainings) and the eFlyer 4, for air taxi and cargo uses.

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