Lucid Announces Latest Price Drops, Air Starts at $69,900

Lucid Motors announced today that it is yet again slashing the prices of most of its Air range. Late last year, the electric vehicle manufacturer trimmed the cost of the base Air Pure and Touring but hadn’t yet revealed its official pricing figures for the Grand Touring. Now, only a few months from that earlier statement, we’ve got pricing info for the whole model range, and there are some deep discounts on offer.

The brand’s entry-level product, the Air Pure RWD, now starts at $69,900, or $7,500 off the base figure announced in December. The Touring’s cost shrinks by $8,000 to $77,900 while the Grand Touring costs $109,900. Its pricing for its flagship product, the $250,000 Air Sapphire, remains unchanged.

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According to Lucid, it has implemented back-to-back price cuts to make the brand more accessible to a broader audience. Peter Rawlinson, the brand’s CEO and CTO, said: “We are optimistic about the future of EVs and believe strongly that increased adoption is a necessary path towards reducing the impact of climate change.”

Alongside its efforts to boost sales numbers by discounting its lineup, Lucid also announced it will offer $1,000 to every new owner so they can purchase charging accessories. The goal here is to lower the cost of entry and make the experience of owning and charging an Air more seamless. Each new Air comes with two years of scheduled maintenance included.

These price cuts come as demand for the brand’s Air lineup has stagnated in recent months. Earlier this year, Lucid announced that it produced 8,428 vehicles last year but managed to deliver 6,001.