Office Principles North Upgrades Birmingham City Centre Building

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Office Principles North, a renowned office interior design consultancy, has recently completed an impressive renovation project in Birmingham. The Grade A city center building, Eleven Brindley Place, has been transformed under the guidance of the consultancy, offering a fresh and modern space for its tenants.

The refurbishment, which spans over 12,000 sq ft, primarily focuses on enhancing the amenities located on the basement and ground floor. By relocating the concierge reception desk, a new welcoming space has been created, drastically improving the arrival experience. Additionally, a modern business lounge environment has been established, allowing tenants to relax and collaborate in a contemporary setting.

One notable addition to the renovated building is the new café area. Accessible through an archway, this space features a commercial kitchen and is open to both tenants and the public. It provides a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a refreshing break or hosting informal meetings.

Furthermore, Office Principles North has successfully repurposed a previously unused mezzanine floor into a versatile events space. Equipped with new lighting and AV capabilities, this area is suitable for a wide range of activities, including wellness events, conferences, and meetings.

To ensure convenience and security, private meeting booths have been incorporated into the design. These booths can be accessed through new access control doors, providing privacy and a quiet space for important discussions.

Other notable upgrades include enhanced bicycle storage facilities and a repair station in the basement area, as well as fully-equipped showers and lockers. These amenities promote a healthy and active lifestyle among tenants who choose to cycle to work or engage in physical activities during the day.

Office Principles North’s renovation of Eleven Brindley Place serves as a testament to their expertise in office interior design. The new and improved space offers a refreshing and contemporary environment, designed to enhance productivity and collaboration.


1. What is the main focus of the renovation project carried out by Office Principles North?

The main focus of the refurbishment was to enhance the amenities located on the basement and ground floor of the Grade A city center building in Birmingham.

2. What additions were made to the building’s amenities?

The renovation project includes a new café area with a commercial kitchen, a versatile events space on the mezzanine floor, and private meeting booths accessed through new access control doors.

3. Are the upgraded amenities available to the public?

Yes, the new café area, which is open to both tenants and the public, provides a vibrant and dynamic space for socializing and informal meetings.

4. What facilities were upgraded in the basement area?

The basement area now offers secure bicycle storage and a repair station, fully-equipped showers, and lockers.

5. What benefits does the renovation bring to the building’s tenants?

The renovation project aims to create a modern and inviting environment, enhancing the overall experience for tenants through improved amenities and facilities for collaboration and relaxation.

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