Petrobras Hires Technip Energies’ Company for Offshore CCS Study

(Credit: Kanfa)

(Credit: Kanfa)

Brazilian state-run oil and gas company Petrobras has hired Kanfa, a fully-owned subsidiary of Technip Energies, to conduct a carbon capture and storage (CCS) study for its offshore assets.

With the study, Petrobras aims to get a thorough understanding of the technology and get a confirmation that it is technically and economically feasible to capture CO2 from offshore power generation, with the ultimate goal to deploy this on their offshore assets in the future.

The study will revolve around Canopy Marine, compact column, amine based, post combustion carbon capture system.

“I was personally involved in this project from the first day Petrobras showed interest in Kanfa’s capabilities and am very proud that we were selected for this work.

“Petrobras is taking important steps towards net zero and we are excited to be able to contribute to this by sharing our extensive knowledge within compact modular solutions for offshore CCS,” said Andreas Dinzinger, Director of Engineering at Kanfa.

Powered by Shell CANSOLV CO₂ Capture System, Technip Energies Canopy solutions are said to deliver CO2 recovery rates above 95% with minimal emissions. Digital by design, the carbon capture plants are fully instrumented and automated for unmanned operations and plant performance monitoring.