Proximus wants to spin off IT activities for companies


Proximus intends to implement a reorganization. More specifically, the telecom company wants to split off its IT activities for companies and place them in the existing subsidiary PICT nv. Proximus announced this in a press release on Monday.

This includes activities in domains such as workspace, cloud, security and AI for companies. The telecom activities for companies will remain with Proximus.

The social partners have been informed about the plans, it said. The spin-off will affect approximately 350 to 400 employees of the Enterprise Business Unit. They continue to work, but with a different employer. “Proximus now allows time for an open and constructive social dialogue, with the aim of providing more information during April and the intention to implement the new structure from the second half of this year,” it said in a statement. press release.

According to the telecom company, the intention of the new structure is to “focus more clearly on the specific character of the IT business, develop its own B2B IT identity and bring it closer to the ecosystem of Proximus branches and partners.” Anne-Sophie Lotgering will lead the entity.