REPORT: Why modern corporate travel management technology isn’t just about the tech

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As the pandemic recovery continues and companies return to travel, many businesses are seizing the opportunity to modernize their corporate travel management technology.

But while a sophisticated and secure tech stack is essential, technology alone isn’t enough.

When planning for the next phase of corporate travel, businesses need to understand their travel program’s objectives and – in order to meet them – seek out technology built from the ground up, with a sense of purpose baked in.

When intention drives the creation of every technical feature, businesses can unlock the full potential of corporate travel management technology and have the best chance of success.

An effective technology solution will be meticulously designed to help clients and end users achieve key goals, such as business efficiency and cost savings; employee safety, productivity and happiness; and environmental awareness and protection. In the post-COVID world, these goals will be even more urgent – and technology focused on meeting these goals is a crucial part of the puzzle.

This is exclusive report, produced by PhocusWire in association with TripActions, examines why tools engineered for the end user are not more effective, they’re essential for post-COVID travel.

The full report is available to download after completing the form below.

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