RevIT™ AAV Enhancer: Rev-up AAV genome production in upstream manufacturing – BioProcess International

The overall goal of gene therapies is to target common genetic diseases, which will require both localized and systemic application of AAV. In order to make this a reality, all components of the manufacturing process need to be evaluated and optimized to reduce cost-of-goods and increase the number of patient doses obtained per run. RevIT™ AAV Enhancer substantially increases AAV genome titers across multiple serotypes and transfection platforms, including the TransIT-VirusGEN® Transfection Reagent and polymeric transfection reagents. Simple optimization will allow for fast and easy integration of RevIT™ AAV Enhancer into existing AAV manufacturing workflows. These attributes, along with the ability to decrease the amount of pDNA, can lead to considerable savings in AAV-based gene therapy manufacturing costs.