Rueda proudly halts Sánchez and nationalists: “We demand dignity and will defend it”

The acting president of the “nationalist partners” is determined to defend the dignity of Galicia. He made this clear during a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Galician PP, where he celebrated the party’s electoral victory. He emphasized that Galicia sent a strong message to Spain and will not tolerate any form of blackmail or privilege.

The popular leader expressed pride in the victory over the PSOE and nationalism in Spain, and credited his leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, for his essential role in the campaign. He promised Feijóo “many more joys” in the next four years and suggested that Galicia will once again be a key player in national politics.

The focus now is on governing for everyone and starting immediately, without the customary hundred days of courtesy given to new governments. The acting president emphasized the importance of equality among all communities in Spain, including Galicia, and called for understanding, responsibility, and common sense.

The message is clear: Galicia wants dignity and will defend it above all else. The victory in the recent elections is a testament to the support and dedication of the people, and the acting president is determined to uphold the values and principles of the region.

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