T-Mobile Sets New 5G Speeds Record Using Uplink Transmit Technique

There seems to be no catching up to T-Mobile’s 5G speeds, as the renowned telecommunications company set another record that helped them peak significant numbers. In this new milestone, T-Mobile claimed that it used a new technique called the “uplink transmit,” and it allowed the company to achieve this new speed, with significant changes to its operations. 

For many years since 5G’s arrival, T-Mobile remained the fastest service available to US subscribers, delivering innovations that help improve more on the current top tech. 

T-Mobile Sets New 5G Speed Record with New Technique

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A new press release from T-Mobile shared a new milestone set by the company, and it shared a new record speed for 5G connections with uplink speeds of 345 Mbps on its 5G Standalone (SA) network. This is because of the new technique that it utilized for this upgrade, calling it the “Uplink Transmit” (UL Tx) via its sub-6GHz spectrum, claiming to be the fastest in North America. 

T-Mobile said that this features a UL Tx switching, further saying that “it’s like taking the 5G superhighway and adding new faster lanes with spare capacity for traffic to zoom faster than ever.”

This test combined the power of carrier aggregation (combining different channels of spectrum for more capacity and speed) and SU-MIMO (single user multiple input, multiple output – which means it gives your phone the ability to send multiple data streams at the same time) to deliver uplink speeds 25% faster than T-Mobile’s previous record of 275 Mbps.  


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T-Mobile’s Uplink Transmit for 5G

This uses T-Mobile’s basic principle found on the 5G CA technique, centering on the UL Tx switching, with its previous capabilities already reaching 3Gbps download speeds. However, this new technique is using more channels compared to before but promises increased capacity. 

T-Mobile said that the device for the test used was powered by a flagship Snapdragon Modem-RF system from Qualcomm.

T-Mobile’s Fastest 5G

At the start of 2023, the annual Ookla report claimed that in Q4 2022, T-Mobile held the fastest 5G speeds among the Big Three of the United States’ telcos, undefeated for several years already. Overall, it presented a whopping 151.47 Mbps over download speeds, with a significant 216.56 5G Median speeds, and uploads that reached 12.53 Mbps. 

However, T-Mobile is also looking to extend more of its capabilities and reach thanks to its massive partnership with Elon Musk‘s SpaceX and Starlink. Through the space agency’s satellite constellation, T-Mobile may share the connections to the United States and offer better reach for all users, soon offering the 5G capabilities straight from the satellites. 

The start of 2024 also saw the annual Ookla report for cellular connection speed, with T-Mobile still clinching the top spot and offering a significant performance to its users and besting its rivals. 

In the recent milestone, the company shared how it uses the new Uplink Transmit technique to boost more of its 5G speeds, using more channels to deliver this capacity for all.

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