TikTok and Vimeo Enter Partnership to Help SMBs with Video Ads

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TikTok and Vimeo have entered a partnership that seeks to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) make effective video ads for their customers, which can therefore boost sales for businesses. 

What the partnership is about is that it “integrates Vimeo’s powerful video tools with the TikTok platform,” according to a press release shared by Vimeo

“Vimeo and TikTok are solving one of the most significant pain points for SMBs in reaching customers – how to easily and affordably create professional-quality content at scale,” said Richard Bloom, Vimeo’s business development SVP.

TikTok and Vimeo Partnership: What is Vimeo Create


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TikTok and Vimeo’s partnership has resulted in the creation of Vimeo Create. What is it exactly?

According to Vimeo’s press release, Vimeo Create is an “advanced AI-driven video production tool, to produce and publish ads directly into the TikTok Ad Manager in minutes.”

Per the press release, both platforms collaborated to create video templates that will only be available on Vimeo Create. These custom video templates are optimized for TikTok. 

Vimeo Create is available for all Vimeo users. 

“Our partnership with Vimeo provides small businesses with simple, effective video tools that rival what the biggest brands in the world have access to – and they drive real results,” according TikTok’s Head of Ecosystem Partnerships Melissa Yang. 

The video-sharing platform has been a popular platform for SMBs to advertise their products and services via influencer marketing and other means. It has also been used by content creators to earn additional income from their content. In fact, TikTok’s become a platform for financial advice among Gen Z users. 

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Vimeo Create Pre-Tests

According to TechRadar, pre-tests that have been conducted by both TikTok and Vimeo showed that “participants saw up to 50 percent higher clickthrough rates when compared to previous campaigns launched on other platforms.”

Per the Vimeo press release, successful campaigns were likewise seen from more than 80% of the participants of the test. 

Annya White-Brown, CEO of family-run company NaturalAnnie Essentials and who took part in the pre-tests, was quoted in the Vimeo press release saying, “We’ve saved thousands of dollars, the stress of shipping candles to a production studio, and lots of headaches by using Vimeo for our TikTok ads.” 

TikTok Marketing Partners: What the Group is About


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Vimeo is the latest addition to what TikTok calls the Tiktok Marketing Partners. According to TechRadar, TikTok Marketing Partners is essentially a “group of vetted experts that create, implement and measure TikTok ad campaigns.”

Despite just being the latest addition to the group, Vimeo is the first one to receive a badge under Creative Partners subcategory. Those in the Creative Partners subcategory “help brands produce creative assets that leverage TikTok’s best practices,” according to the Vimeo statement. 

Other TikTok Marketing Partners include Byte, Kantar, and OpenSlate. 

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