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within paragraph hybrid electric vehicle There are many options to choose from and in Mexico We have more and more options to choose from.

toyota It is a pioneering brand in this category of vehicles, and as such, you should know about its most economical options because they are worthy vehicles if you want to delve deeper into these technologies.

Interestingly, these vehicles have also been updated over the years to incorporate more disruptive technology and design.

TOP 3, These Are the Cheapest Toyota Hybrid Cars

Precios del Toyota Prius

We list the most economical vehicles with these technologies:

  • Prius: 484,900 to 559,000 Mexican Pesos
  • corolla hybrid car: 500,000 to 550,000 Mexican Pesos
  • Corolla crossover hybrid car: Starting from MXN 598,600

As you can see there are several options such as the basic Prius The company has released a new generation of the product that has been greatly improved in design and functionality and already looks sportier and more futuristic.

On the other hand, there are corolla hybrid cara hybrid version of the excellent compact sedan that, on top of everything else, comes at a very competitive cost.

There is also an SUV, Corolla crossover hybrid carthis is a compact truck and is one of the options you can consider because it also has versatile power and reaches 196 horsepower, so it responds well.

he Prius This option is now in its fifth generation, and thanks to its new features, it’s also become a car that’s highly regarded by the automotive press. on the other hand, corolla hybrid car It has always been a reference sales option.

We hope to see other hybrids this year toyotasuch as a plug-in hybrid option main of Priusand new Tacoma It will integrate these technologies and is a highly anticipated new product.

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