TouchTunes extends warranty guarantee to give “three years peace of mind”

TouchTunes Jukebox Warranty

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TouchTunes has further enhanced its after-sales offer with a new three-year warranty on new jukeboxes, alongside a limited-time Premium deal on the Angelina, as EVP of business operations Dan Hamric expresses his confidence “in the enhanced durability and reliability of our products.”

TouchTunes has announced it is giving busy operators “one less thing to think about” with a new three-year warranty guarantee, alongside a limited-time three year Premium deal on the firm’s leading Angelina jukebox.

Since its UK launch in 2018, the Palladium-powered Angelina has proved an increasingly popular music and entertainment solution across the country, due to its innovative technology, reliability, and market-leading performance.

“We encourage operators to invest in Angelina now,” said commercial director Toby Hoyte. “The incredible low price of £1250 spread into interest-free payments over three years is a limited time offer. When you consider the three years of warranty on top, this provides complete peace of mind for an extremely high quality product.”

“With the additional revenue we are seeing from the App plus unparalleled after-sales support, customers will know they are in safe hands with TouchTunes. We value your trust, and we remain dedicated to delivering products that exceed your expectations.”

The deal comes as TouchTunes continues to invest in enhancing its product range and after-sales service, with EVP of business operations, Dan Hamric, adding: “Over the years, TouchTunes has continuously enhanced our products to provide the best possible experience to you, our valued partners.”

“With a continued focus on quality, we have been working with our suppliers and internal teams to deliver an even more robust product.”

And it’s this investment in development that has given TouchTunes the confidence to expand its commercial support, as Hamric explained: “After rigorous testing and quality assessments, we are confident in the enhanced durability and reliability of our products. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we are extending our standard new jukebox warranty from a two-year period to an impressive three-year period, starting from 2 January, 2024.”

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