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Jacksonville, Florida,  June 28th, 2021 — Like most businesses, Seaside Charter Schools had to revise its visiting policies during the pandemic. Obeying the CDC guidelines and health and safety precautions, Seaside announced that they are now offering virtual tours of each campus.

Seaside Charter Consortium continues to innovate the way of learning for children at three of it’s campus locations. In order to assist with enrollment during and after the pandemic, Seaside Charter is changing the way Jacksonville families can visit their campuses by offering virtual tours.  


Unlike other local public schools that are offering virtual tours, potential Seaside families can watch the tours at their convenience. This revolutionary idea also allows the tours to be replayed and paused as needed. 


Taylor Hazlehurst, Director of Marketing and fundraising for Seaside Charter Consortium explains:

“In the past, we’ve conducted tours on our campuses after school, but so much about the school was getting missed. Even before the pandemic, there wasn’t enough visibility into what was going on in the day to day lives of our students during class.”


“But,” Hazlehurst explains, “the increased limitations with the new CDC restrictions made it nearly impossible to conduct tours at all and this forced us to do what we do best: think like there is no box!”

Seaside Charter’s new virtual tours were a big hit when they offered them to be hosted live online to interested families of Seaside. “We had over 100 families in the community sign-up for our live online tours in April,” says Hazlehurst. “And, then we realized how this medium could allow Seaside to reach people potentially moving to Jacksonville, and wanted to create a way for Seaside Charter to keep their doors open to the world while continuing to preserve the safety and focus of our students during class time.”


Seaside Charter hopes this allows more parents and their children to be able to learn more about the curriculum and offerings of tuition-free Waldorf-inspired public schools and to more thoroughly explore Seaside Charter’s campuses, what the classrooms look like, and hear from some students and faculty about their experiences.




Seaside Charter Schools are some of the few public, tuition-free schools inspired by Waldorf principles in the Southeast. Established in 2013, Seaside Charter Schools have provided a school that feels like home to the students where the whole child is nurtured and taught civic responsibility. They strive to provide a rigorous, arts-integrated educational program guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education to meet and exceed the Florida State Standards. 

To learn more about Seaside Charter and to try out a Virtual Tour for one of the three campus locations, visit: and contact the front office for more information or to schedule an in-person tour by calling: 844-973-2743 or emailing

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