Troll Creates Convincing New Valve Prism VR Headset Website

At the moment we aren’t expecting any new products from Valve, they don’t intend on updating the Steam Deck any time soon, especially following the OLED revision, and the Valve Index VR headset, well admittedly it’s almost 5 years old so when a webpage for a new headset named the Valve Prism was released you can understand why some were convinced.

Valve Prism Hoax was recently shared on the internet which appeared to be a legitimate page for Valve’s latest product at least to the average person. The renders look real and high quality, the design and fonts all line up with what Valve has used in the past, so what has given this away? Well some who are looking deeper into this have noticed that the copyright disclaimer at the bottom of the page is actually spelt with an uppercase I rather than a lower case l which can be confirmed by using CTRL+F.

A line of text about the APU in the Prism is also simply a reworded section from the Steam Deck page

So where has this come from and who is behind it? Well we don’t know who is behind it and I imagine things may stay that way, but according to, this is a joke from a midwest furry convention. A post from back in December from SadlyItsBradley shows off several joke photos of a “Valve Deckard” with the date 02/14/2024 which in the civilised world is 14/02/2024, yesterday.

This website is quite some dedication for a joke so I hope they got what they wanted out of it. Though I do wonder what Valve is actually planning for their next VR headset, or if they even are planning anything as the Index is still very much a solid bit of kit.