What is America’s #1 beach?

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America’s Top Coastal Gem: Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach in Florida has been consistently celebrated as America’s #1 beach, according to various rankings, including TripAdvisor’s annual Travelers’ Choice Awards. This accolade is based on the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings collected over a year, particularly highlighting the beach’s pristine white sands and clear, shallow waters.

Why Clearwater Beach Reigns Supreme

Visitors to Clearwater Beach rave about its vibrant atmosphere and family-friendly amenities. The beach is renowned for its wide, sandy shores that stretch for 2.5 miles along the Gulf of Mexico, providing ample space for sunbathing, volleyball, and building sandcastles. Its calm waters are ideal for swimming, paddleboarding, and other water activities. The beach’s Pier 60 offers daily festivals featuring street performers, musicians, and local artisans, adding to the lively beach culture.

Environmental Efforts and Safety

Clearwater Beach is not only famous for its beauty but also for its commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment. The city’s efforts in sustainability and cleanliness have played a significant role in its top ranking. Additionally, the presence of lifeguards and well-maintained facilities make it a secure destination for families and tourists alike.


Q: What makes Clearwater Beach stand out from other beaches?
A: Clearwater Beach is known for its soft white sand, clear waters, family-friendly atmosphere, and vibrant daily festivals at Pier 60.

Q: Are there lifeguards present at Clearwater Beach?
A: Yes, Clearwater Beach is patrolled by lifeguards, enhancing safety for all beachgoers.


Travelers’ Choice Awards: An annual award by TripAdvisor that recognizes the best in travel based on millions of reviews and opinions from travelers around the world.

Pier 60: A famous pier located on Clearwater Beach known for its daily sunset celebrations and various entertainment.

Gulf of Mexico: The ocean basin largely surrounded by the North American continent and the island of Cuba. It is one of the largest bodies of water in the world and provides the setting for Clearwater Beach.

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