WTWH Media Launches Robotics Week Digital Event Series

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The combination of clear-eyed focus, deep analysis, and informed, actionable guidance will provide Robotics Week attendees with the critical information they need to develop, program, deploy and manage commercial class robotics systems with a high degree of confidence.

WTWH Media Launches Robotics Week Digital Event Series

The Robotics Group at WTWH Media is please to announce a new class of educational resource – free from the constraints of place and time – designed specifically to deliver to engineers, technical managers, robotics end-users, business development professionals, and others, the informed analysis and actionable guidance and they require to build, deploy and manage commercial robotics systems more quickly and easily.

The Robotics Week program consists of three digital events series, each running during the course of one week, focused on key robotics issues and enabling technologies. Robotics Week sessions are delivered live online and are also made available on demand:

Collaborative Robotics Week

Collaborative Robotics Week (September 7-10)Collaborative Robotics Week sessions will provide a snapshot of the current state of the collaborative robotics sector, including emerging capabilities, powerful enabling technologies, as well as new business models enabled by collaborative robots and insights into what the future holds. New collaborative robotics approaches for common industrial tasks such as machine tending, bin picking and palletizing / depalletizing will be analyzed, as well as new ways collaborative robots are adding value in various industries.

Robotics Engineering Week

Robotics Engineering Week (October 5-8) – The complexity of developing robotics systems, together with the unending crush of technological innovation, has hampered innovation and slowed robotics product releases. This, in turn, has placed companies – both start-ups and mature firms – at risk. Robotics Engineering Week features keynotes and panels, delivered by the leading minds in robotics and automation, addressing the most critical issues facing the commercial robotics developers of today.

Mobile Robotics Week

Autonomous Mobile Robots Week (November 16-19)Autonomous Mobile Robotics Week is designed specifically to address challenges, and alleviate the burden, of AMR selection, adoption and management. Individual sessions in the program are specifically designed to provide informed, authoritative insights and recommendations, delivered by the leading providers of AMR solutions. Also presenting are representatives of companies that have met the AMR adoption challenge and are now reaping the benefits of flexible automation enabled by intelligent, mobile robotics systems.

Sponsorship Opportunities
For more information regarding the Robotics Week programs, please contact Courtney Nagle (cnagel[AT]wtwhmedia.com)


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