Significant Savings for Filers in the 2023 Tax Season Results from April报道

april, the innovative AI-powered tax filing solution, has unveiled its customer impact results for the 2023 tax season. This cutting-edge product, designed to seamlessly integrate into existing financial apps, has proven to deliver significant time savings, convenience, and increased refunds for filers through a user-friendly process.

Collaborating with more than 20 financial services, fintech, and payroll companies such as Gusto, Dayforce Wallet, Rain, and Zenledger, april expanded the availability of its filing product to millions of customers nationwide. The AI-driven personalized filing flow allows individuals to independently file their taxes conveniently from apps they already use, resulting in 47% of taxpayers completing their filings in under an hour. The average time to complete a return was just 43 minutes, with an impressive 58 Net Promoter Score.

During this tax season, april served hundreds of thousands of taxpayers and processed tens of millions in refunds. Approximately 95% of april users were able to file for free, thanks to a commitment from partners to a flat fee or 100% free pricing structure. This eliminated unexpected costs for users, setting april apart from other players in the DIY tax software space.

The results achieved by april stand in stark contrast to the IRS-reported average of 13 hours spent and a cost of 0 to file individual tax returns. april’s mobile-first design, coupled with its ability to import data seamlessly from partner apps, allowed 98% of customers to file using only their mobile devices.

The use of a specially trained AI chatbot further enhanced the user experience, with 51% of inquiries being resolved solely by the bot. Customers praised the affordability and ease of use of april, with many expressing their satisfaction with the service.

Ben Borodach, co-founder and CEO of april, emphasized the importance of providing taxpayers with a simpler, transparent filing process. With 27% of april’s customers filing for the first time and 34% switching from TurboTax, there is a clear demand for user-friendly tax solutions in the market.

april’s partnership with financial service companies, fintechs, and payroll providers aims to transform the tax filing experience for Americans. By embedding mobile-friendly tax filing, estimation, and optimization products into existing apps, april is helping users make informed financial decisions year-round.

To learn more about april and its intelligent tax solutions, visit With its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, april is revolutionizing the tax filing experience for individuals across the country.