Alabama to Invest 0 Million in Broadband Expansion

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey recently unveiled a plan to allocate nearly 0 million toward expanding broadband access to underserved areas in the state. This initiative will be funded through the creation of the state’s Capital Projects Fund grants program.

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs will be responsible for awarding and distributing the grants. A total of 12 companies, including AT&T, Southeast, and Mediacom, will receive funding as part of this program.

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Capital Projects Fund allocated billion to states to improve broadband access, with Alabama receiving over 1 million in funding. Using this financial support, Alabama established the Alabama Broadband Capital Projects Fund to facilitate the expansion of high-speed internet services across the state.

Governor Ivey expressed her excitement about the project, stating that it will benefit thousands of underserved homes by expanding broadband infrastructure. The initiative aims to connect 54,000 households to high-speed internet, marking a significant milestone in the state’s efforts to achieve widespread broadband access.

ADECEA Director Kenneth Boswell anticipates that many more residents in Alabama will benefit from these broadband expansion initiatives. In a related announcement on February 5, 2024, Governor Ivey revealed plans to allocate 8 million for “middle mile” broadband projects, which are crucial for extending broadband access to anchor institutions like schools, hospitals, and homes.

Overall, these funding initiatives underscore Alabama’s commitment to enhancing broadband connectivity and ensuring that all residents have access to reliable high-speed internet services.